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More than 100 million wireless headsets shipped a year

Time:2020-10-29 Views:194

In the past two years, the most popular in the consumer electronics market is TWS headsets, that is, wireless stereo headsets. When the elimination of the headphone jack becomes the norm for mobile phone configurations, TWS headsets ushered in explosive growth. How about the sales of TWS headsets on major platforms during the "Double Eleven" shopping festival just past?

TWS noise-canceling headphones market is hot, many manufacturers are vying for layout

A reporter searched for the keyword "TWS headset" on an e-commerce platform, and dozens of branded products appeared, with prices ranging from less than 100 yuan to more than 1,000 yuan. In the past "Double Eleven", TWS headsets also had good sales on major e-commerce platforms.

In the past two years, the TWS headset market has continued to be hot, and sales growth has strongly supported the performance of listed companies in the industry chain. The stock prices of related stocks have risen astonishingly. Can TWS headset concept stocks continue to pay attention?

The data shows that there are 21 TWS headset concept listed companies in the A-share market. From the three quarterly report data released, 13 companies have increased their net profits year-on-year, of which 5 companies have increased their net profits by more than 100% year-on-year. With the growth of the performance of TWS headset listed companies, from last year to November 9 this year, the TWS headset index rose sharply by 341.88%, while the Shanghai Composite Index rose by only 35.28% during the same period.

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