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5 new technology blessings!

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As new smart technologies become more mature and the overall power consumption of Bluetooth is reduced, new technologies such as noise reduction, health detection, in-ear detection, intelligent voice, bone conduction technology, heart rate measurement and other functions will gradually be added to true wireless In the Bluetooth headset specifications, with the improvement and maturity of the above functions in the future, it is just around the corner to turn related innovative functions into new functions.

1. In-ear detection function + true wireless

At present, there are chip manufacturers that can assist in the measurement of the motion of true wireless headphones, realize automatic sleep, automatic wake-up, master-slave switching, automatic music start and stop and other functions, improve user experience, and support rich touch, sliding volume adjustment, etc. Human-computer interaction function. Adapt to a variety of headset forms, such as: wireless semi-in-ear, in-ear, head-mounted, etc.

2. Bone conduction technology + true wireless

The birth of bone conduction technology is of great help to people with sports and hearing impairment. Some players already use bone conduction Bluetooth headsets, but in the field of true wireless Bluetooth headsets, bone conduction is still unknown.

Three, voice intelligence + true wireless

Sports culture has continued to flourish in the past five years, so there is an increasing trend for people wearing headphones for sports. However, after the popularity of Garmin GPS sports watches, measuring heartbeat with sports watches has become a good way to improve sports. Therefore, more and more sports players will bring Garmin sports watches, iPhones and other wearable devices with true wireless earphones to exercise. However, if true wireless Bluetooth earphones can measure heartbeat in the future, they can easily measure heartbeat as long as they wear earphones for exercise. Up.

Five, active anti-noise + true wireless

Many major headset manufacturers have integrated true wireless Bluetooth headsets and anti-noise functions. Therefore, this year, I believe that more and more true wireless Bluetooth headsets will be launched with integrated anti-noise functions.

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